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It’s about you!

Just as life is full of facets, each case needs its own tailor-made solution. Together we will find it!

There is nothing better than championing for indelible values.

Hanna Bekker vom Rath

Mission Statement:

The principle of human dignity is the foundation of our society. This means that no one should ever become the mere object of a state action. For us, it means welcoming you, your case, your company as you are and finding the right solution for exactly you. Whether you want the most rational, most promising, fastest, most economical, etc. solution is up to you. You decide. You will master this difficult situation, too. With us as your critical partner, showing you the possibilities and guiding you through.


Mirjam Hannah Steinfeld, MBA, Mag.iur., CFE
Attorney at Law and Certified specialist Attorney for Criminal Law

 Windmühlstraße 1
 60329 Frankfurt am Main / Germany

  fon: +49 69 – 24 74 199 – 30
 fax: +49 69 – 24 74 199 – 32

  in case of emergency +49 170 - 4874405


Mirjam Hannah Steinfeld, MBA, Mag.iur., CFE
Rechtsanwältin und Fachanwältin für Strafrecht

 Windmühlstraße 1
 60329 Frankfurt am Main

 0 69 – 24 74 199 – 30
 0 69 – 24 74 199 – 32